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Hello everyone!

I am here with you with an exciting topic again. This week, we will take a glance Exosome Therapy in Aesthetic Gynecology. Exosome is a new technology to use in our aesthetic technics, and it is related with stem cells. Before we start our journey, It is better to understand what is stem cell? As you know stem cells have the potential to differentiate any cell type in the body, but exosomes are the main messengers that are produced to transfer the information. That is the critical part between chains. Ok, what is stem cell, actually? Why they are so important to use? Let’s start with them.

What is Stem Cell?

Stem cells are unique human cells that have the potential to differentiate into a wide variety of other cell types. This can include cells from the brain as well as the muscles. Very useful, let’s say very handy. But you should be an expert how to use them, precisely. In some instances, they are also able to repair tissues that have been damaged. It means, they have ability to do that, but not an easy act it is. The possibility of using stem cells exists, according to the findings of some researchers, that therapies based on stem cells could one day be used to treat serious conditions, and can give a better healthy to humanity.

That’s why there are lots of researches on stem cells too. Stem cells are known as the one in this uncertainty between live and end of living. Maybe for more than ten years, stem cells have been considered high positionin anti-aging medicine due to their amazing functionality. Since stem cells naturally decline with age, researchers have been trying to replenish them in the body to extend their anti-aging effects by using stem cell transplants.

That is a gain, maybe an opportunity for many people, who suffer from many different troubles and wait to be cured. Therefore scientists, medical world members are very thrilled to use that opportunity. And yes, we should turn back to our topic, Exosome in Aesthetic Gynecology. But you can find many information about stem cells on the researches. There are tons of researches based on stem cells.

With age, some chronic dysfunctions may appear. We would like to stay away from these conditions, undoubtedly. You may call it to achieve immortality, or live longer. It is an instinct and inevitable for most of us.

What about Exosome?

We have learnt some basic information about stem cells so far. As we known researchers, who are involved in stem cells, have been trying to find a new way to use stem cells in our body to extend stem cells’ effects that are basically about anti-aging effects by stem cell transplants. It is very interesting and exciting, isn’t it? It is enough to give us excitement to think that if we could take a tiny step further and find a way to stop aging our own fatigued cells. Exosomes are used for doing this. Yes, it is! It is Exosome Therapy.

What does Exosome mean?

Exosomes, also known as "extracellular vesicles," were first theorized to be a method by which cells could dispose of waste. Yes, we do produce waste while our metabolism works. About their major role is providing communication between cells. This part is crucial, Communication! As we learnt so far, stem cells have the potential to differentiate any cell type in our body, but exosomes are the main messengers that are produced to transfer the information.

What Makes Exosomes Unique?

Once injected, stem cells will proceed with their own action plan. Although they have great promise as a regenerative therapy, they can be impacted when it comes to achieving a particular goal. However, studies show that exosomes can be programmed to carry out a specific task.

There is potential for the use of exosome growth factors in conjunction with stem cell therapy to direct the stem cells and increase their therapeutic effects.

Who is the Best Candidate for Exosome Therapy?

Can all we use it? I am not talking about ability, but our bodies are compatible to have this treatment, therapy.Recent research suggests that exosome therapy can provide a systemic rejuvenation. There is an excellent rejuvenation, or reaction with different ratios. Also, this rejuvenation improves the body's ability to heal in a number of ways. These are revitalizing localized regions or even individual organs! That is amazing, honestly! Just think about that. There is an organ like the pancreas, and reducing inflammation when you see the results. Isn’t that amazing? And taming an overactive immune system.

What is the Role of Exosomes in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine?

We are aging and our stem cells become less active as we age. They don't release as many exosomes, which instruct our other cells on how to function at their best and help us maintain a youthful body. This is the fact and we know why it is. Because cells eventually become exhausted like everything on Earth, and perform less efficiently, when aging occurs.

There are promising new anti-aging treatments with exosomes.

1-The term "Young Blood”

Exosomes are becoming more well-known in regenerative medicine thanks to extensive research into them by the anti-aging industry, which is based on laboratory experiments in which young and old blood cells were combined, resulting in a rejuvenation of the old cells' processes without the cells ever touching.

2-Using Exosomes for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Insufficient hormone production during menopause can cause unpleasant side effects, such as vaginal dryness and thinning. Even though topical lubricants and hormone creams are helpful, exosomes may provide more sustained improvement in the area's tone. That is very good to have and use it when my patients ask me to find different way to their troubles.

Using injections of growth-factor-rich plasma, I am able to offer a novel treatment for female intimate area enhancement that rejuvenates vaginal skin and improves its strength, elasticity, and lubricating function. Basically, it focuses on vaginal renewal from the inside out. Exosomes have the potential to improve the efficacy of this treatment, leading to more favorable and long-lasting outcomes.

These are crucial for our treatments to use all the time. Because it is the time to grab what you have in the most effective way, and to find the most secure way to my patients. We have our body to evaluate our abilities, and new technologies about treatments, therapies are getting more secure, and more effective. That’s why I am working on about my own studies to enhance my ability, my treatment methods, or therapies for my patients. It has been always a thrilled challenge for me to develop some better approaches, or find to use the best option that I can.

That’s why I have always saying this,

Do not Forget! You are not Alone, I am with You!


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