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Peptide Treatment

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Hi everyone. This week we’ll continue to talk about dysfunctions. Once we started a topic, we generally do not deep down it, but most of you asked about this topic’s details. Hence, I do want to underline one of the treatments for sexual dysfunction, Peptide Treatment.

It might be hard to define the exact point that you have. But you know that It’s always been there and stays with you. But the thing is the definition, remember. If you can define it, It is easy to draw the borders of the thing that you have. Then, we are to choose what we are going to do with that matter. At this phase, I am in charge and ready to help you to get rid of the matter in an optimal way.

Is this a familiar word, Peptide? Maybe you’ve never heard of it before. Let’s understand what it is first.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are short-chain amino acids connected by peptide bonds. An image where there are lots of tiny circles connected with lines. These lines are peptides and circles are amino acids, which are crucial for our body to live. Not only are they present in every cell in the body, but they also play a crucial role in most of the body’s functions. This is because they are signaling molecules used to communicate between different tissues, and they are also responsible for turning off specific functions in the body. Sometimes we need some functions, and sometimes we don’t. That sounds weird, yes, but It’s what it is. Given that you like to eat dessert. After eating one pie or two, let's say three slices, It is going to be harmful to you, right? Then you should turn it off ‘eating’.

All of the peptides are crucial as you know. When it comes to sexual desire, bremelanotide (PT-141) is a peptide that has successfully been used to treat sexual dysfunction in men and women. You can understand that there are lots of peptides and we should focus on the one, which is related to our concern. For sexual dysfunction, yes bremelanotide (PT-141).

Peptide Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

Ok. Now, we should understand how it works. Have you ever felt yourself not ‘reacted’ towards to your partner, and can’t understand why? For some of my patients, while they might wish that their sexual desire was higher, they have some struggles that hinder them. This might happen cause of many different reasons, lubrication or erections and these reasons impact adversely sexual life for both women and men. Also, these struggles related to sexual satisfaction by targeting the area where whole sexual functions emanate from our brain.

However, low libido, or poor sexual desire, is a typical problem within a partnership. For example, sexual dysfunction can arise owing to biological factors, such as when a woman goes through menopause or a man has falling testosterone levels. Besides sex hormones, the stress hormones of cortisol and adrenaline can also result in poor libido, indicating how prolonged stress can influence your sexual function.

To boost sexual arousal, lubrication, erections, and overall enjoyment, it works by directly stimulating the nervous system. Peptide therapy is effective in treating low libido because it restores hormone levels that are responsible for sexual desire. Actually, that's the only thing we're looking for. Taking a small action will lead you to the precise answer. The vast majority of my patients will find success in this manner. Peptides can help everybody and should be widely used in treatment because of this.

Because of this, I do consider peptide treatment for my patients who have sexual dysfunctions and try to get rid of them. You can consider yourself with what you have learned today and ask for my help to proceed. It is easy to take action and make your life better. Do not forget, you are not alone!

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