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CosmetıC Gynecology

What are the Cosmetic Gynecology Operations ?

Cosmetic Gynecology is as known Genital Aesthetics, or Vaginal Aesthetic. Vaginal aesthetics, among cosmetic gynecology procedures, are performed in our private center based in Dubai, and healthy life offers to you. Of course, when cosmetic gynecology Dubai is mentioned, the procedures will appear under multiple sub-titles. Even if the root of the problem is the same, the region and its procedures will differ. There are many types of procedures in order to eliminate the disorders that occur due to the vaginal structure of women or the effects that will occur after childbirth.

Vaginal aesthetics In our center located in Dubai province, procedures such as vaginal tightening, reconstruction, outer and inner lip reduction, G spot augmentation also known as G Spot Shot and O Spot Shot are among the operations performed under the name of cosmetic gynecology. Episiotomy treatment performed under the title of cosmetic gynecology is the process of repairing the suture and incision marks that occur after difficult births. Since scars formed after births that are especially difficult and create traumatic effects will cause psychological disorders in women, this practice is frequently applied to eliminate mental problems as well as physiological effects.


Of course, you may have had the operations we have mentioned before, and accordingly, your body may have caused undesirable situations with different reactions. Or you may not have achieved the desired result with the wrong intervention. Since these problems will cause painful sexual intercourse as well as a bad appearance, we also serve you in our genital aesthetic Dubai center to eliminate them.

How are Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty Surgery Performed?

Labiaplasty surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia in our center serving in Dubai. After this operation, which lasts about 60 minutes, there is no problem of removing stitches, as the stitches that dissolve on their own are removed. Labiaplasty surgery does not adversely affect sexual intercourse in any way, and does not prevent orgasm and conception.


After this operation, where you will not encounter any problems giving birth, you will not feel burning while urinating. During the procedure, which takes about an hour, the vagina is narrowed and stitched. If the cosmetic gynecologist deems it appropriate, you can have sexual intercourse without any problems at the check-up 6 weeks after the operation. People can return to their daily lives directly after the surgery.

Where is Cosmetic Gynecology Treatment Performed in Dubai ?

Cosmetic gynecology is applied at many points in Dubai. Doctors who are experts in their field help patients with vaginal aesthetics, while doctors serve in private clinics or hospitals. We also serve you in a systematic working environment with the cosmetic gynecologist, MD. Kubra in our cosmetic gynecology clinic. As a result of the services we provide for Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty, and other conditions under the name of cosmetic gynecology, we carry out the treatment process meticulously to get rid of your problems.

As a result, our center in Dubai has achieved successful results in genital aesthetics, and if you want, you can get the chance to get information from our past references.

Cosmetic Gynecology Operation Prices 

Factors affecting genital aesthetic prices, like many medical procedures, may vary depending on factors such as the experience and title of the doctor who performs the cosmetic gynecology procedure, the quality and cost of the materials used in the procedures, and the price policy applied. Genital aesthetic fees may even vary from city to city. 

For example, "Dubai genital aesthetic prices" and "Dubai cosmetic gynecology prices" may differ, but this difference should not constitute a comparison of the cosmetic gynecology and cosmetic gynecology procedures. Similarly, it is a natural situation that the genital aesthetic prices and 2022 cosmetic gynecology prices are different. Vaginal aesthetic surgeries or filling augmentations, enhancement procedures seem the same as cosmetic gynecology, cosmetic surgery. 

The patients who want to have cosmetic gynecology procedures shall have consulted first for cosmetic gynecologist, then decide which way they want to choose. At that moment, patients need to remember that these cosmetic gynecology procedures are compiled up with routine controls after having surgeries under cosmetic gynecology.

Dubai's Leading Center for Genital Aesthetic Surgery

Obtaining a more beautiful appearance and resolving some physical issues are two of the primary motivations for many women in our region to pursue genital plastic surgery in our nation as well as in Dubai.

The purpose of performing genital aesthetic surgeries is to eliminate both visual and functional problems that occur due to the destruction in the vaginal area after normal delivery and to make people feel better psychologically. These problems can arise as a result of the destruction in the vaginal area after normal delivery. Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty are the two types of these procedures that are performed the most frequently.

Genital Aesthetics and Vaginal Aesthetics

The term "genital aesthetics" refers to any and all procedures that are performed on or around the genital region. Genital cosmetic surgeries can treat a variety of vaginal conditions, including the inability to enjoy sexual intercourse, the inability to orgasm, during sexual activity, urinary incontinence, and visual or functional abnormalities in the vagina.

You are able to normalize both your degraded life standards and your sexual life by undergoing genital aesthetic operations, which are conducted by women who have such complaints. The current rise in popularity of genital cosmetic procedures can be attributed to the significance that society places on women's awareness of their own beauty as well as the look of their external genital organs.

It is also extremely important for these women to realize that they are not odd, that female genitalia typically comes in a variety of forms and sizes, and that these characteristics can even shift with age, birth, or due to genetics. Of course, just like with other kinds of cosmetic surgery modifications, the fact that the patient is "normal" might not dissuade them from requesting size or functional adjustments to satisfy their aesthetic and/or functional desires. This is the case with other kinds of cosmetic surgical changes.

The issue of genital aesthetics is not dissimilar to that of other aspects of body remodeling. Cosmetic gynecology has many subtitles. There are Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation with laser or radiofrequency and adding items as PRP and G Spot Shot, and O Spot Shot as genital fillers. There are some terms labia, labia minora, labia majors and more to learn as patient before taking a decision. 

It was discovered that women who had floppiness and vaginal laxity were more likely to report a lack of libido, lower excitement, and more difficulties reaching orgasm. Vaginal feeling and the ability to achieve an orgasmic state have both been demonstrated to be influenced by vaginal tone.

Although a large percentage of women who have had genital plastic and surgical cosmetic procedures, test positive for body dissatisfaction and exhibit both sexual dissatisfaction and poor genital self-perception before the surgery, These complaints easily go away after the surgery has been completed. This is because the surgery such as Labiaplasty or Vaginoplasty may improve the appearance of the genital area. 



The fact that the individual can immediately return to her daily life or work after genital plastic surgery is a very significant benefit of these procedures. The individual does not have to spend the day in the hospital recovering from the procedure. The following four reasons are known widely by female patients who require genital plastic surgery:


Why is Vagina Aesthetics Performed?


The large and irregular shape of the inner lips (Labia minora) and the puffy Mons pubis can turn into a nightmare for women when wearing skinny clothes, whether it can be pants or swimsuits. This is especially true for women who have larger than average mons pubis. You may experience friction, tightness, and pain complaints in your daily activities such as wearing tight pants and underwear, sitting, and cycling. Furthermore, you may experience painful complaints due to the tightness of the lips while involved in sexual intercourse. Women are looking for ways to alleviate all of these physical and functional complaints.


A condition that we see quite frequently is one in which the genitals are large and/or the inner lips are asymmetrical. This can be either of such things. The genetic factors that are able to adverse to size, appearance, and color of the genitals either at birth or after puberty are responsible for this phenomenon. Many women are uncomfortable with the appearance and aesthetic of the patient's genital zone, and because of this, they frequently make it a problem for themselves, which can lead to a decrease in self-confidence.


Problems with functionality, appearance, and psychosocial well-being can result from abnormally large as well as irregularly shaped labia minora and labia majora, also recognized as the inner and outer lips, as well as from mons pubis that are swollen and outer lips that have lost their volume. In point of fact, defining "normal" constructs is a highly subjective and relative endeavor, given the wide range of differences that exist between individuals. Due to feelings of embarrassment and a lack of self-confidence, women opt to have genital area surgery to retrieve their confidence. These women fear that their genital region will have an unfavorable impact on them significantly.


Women have different feelings about their incisions that were made during delivery to facilitate the delivery of the baby are another unfavorable circumstance that manifests itself in the genital region after delivery and causes discomfort. Incisions can pave the way to feel disturbed  in both women and men.  Women may think that there is a fault originated from themselves.  Even though enlarged inner lips, it is labia minor, are seen as an anatomical variant, it can be seen as a psychological and functional distressing situation for women. This is because it affects how the lips function. Cosmetic gynecology is very effective on that kind of troubles. We, as cosmetic gynecologist and as a surgeon, always find new solutions to our patients.

As cosmetic gynecologist, it is essential to report patients about the range of different genital anatomy as well as the potential risks associated with these surgical procedures.  After that, the woman will be the one to decide whether or not she truly desires these operations to be performed on her or not.



Women are more likely to experience this, particularly after giving birth or as they get older. This can result in dysfunction in relationships. This seems to be a modern timing problem, but it has always been there. Vaginal tightening without surgery is an additional method that can be used instead of traditional surgery. Also, vaginal rejuvenation can be considered, it is  known as laser vaginal treatment  Vaginal narrowing is also called tightening among the patients. Vaginal tightening is one of the popular aesthetic operations in Dubai too. Not all women live that trouble, but most of them feel this. Surgical procedures for vaginal tightening involve the use of anesthesia, the removal of excess tissue from the inner surface of the vagina, and the narrowing of the vagina itself, which together have the effect of reducing the radius of the vagina. By doing this, the place gets narrow, or tighten. This procedure involves heating the tissues with a laser.


Vagina Tightening

An abnormal appearance will take place in that region if a widening incision was not made during birth and the tissues were torn from where they wanted, if the incision was dıne properly, but there was a problem with the stitching, or if the stitches were thrown. That might happen. Additionally, an abnormal appearance will take place in that region if the incision was done properly, but there was a problem the stitching. These are chains and each chain has to be tightened properly.

A patch of skin that is not smooth, asymmetrical, darker in color and then it will cause another trouble and related to Genital Bleaching, or thickened at the healing site is what cosmetic gynecologists refer to as a scar. This patch of skin can be found on shriveled skin. This predicament can give rise to a variety of issues, in addition to the fact that it does not look particularly attractive. Problems during intercourse include a feeling of tension in that area, pain during intercourse, avoiding intercourse, and coldness. Other problems include avoiding contact between couples.

As a consequence of this, procedures for vaginal tightening are performed at our clinic in order to either restore this region to a shape that is the most similar to the previous one or reduce the severity of the complaints. It is the way to solve the problem as known vaginal tightening. Cosmetic Gynecologist MD. Kubra has experienced that kind of trouble, and many patients from whole over the World found their solution with MD. Kubra. 

Following this procedure, which can take a couple of hours, it is essential for the success of the operation to refrain from the intercourse for an average of three to four weeks and to strictly comply with what needs to be applied after the procedure has been completed. For better timing, It is better to define the period with cosmetic gynecologist after vaginal tightening or vaginal narrowing operation. The patient and cosmetic gynecologist are able to visually distinguish the change, and vaginal tightening process is done.


Vaginal Looseness

Laxity, or looseness of the vaginal area can have many causes, but in most cases, it is the result of a weakening or loss of function of the vaginal muscles, specifically the pelvic floor muscles. Muscles are tightened or loose. There are a number of reasons for this. Why do pelvic floor muscles become less functional? Why does it happen and need to be a vaginal tightening operation? The first factor contributing to this phenomenon is the presence of a condition of the pelvic floor muscles, such as having a vaginal birth. Some of the causes include problematic healing of the episiotomy incision made during a normal delivery or loosening of the vaginal walls after three or more normal deliveries. This circumstance may give rise to a number of issues, in addition to the fact that it does not present a beautiful appearance or vaginal loose. Problems like a feeling of tension in that area, pain during intercourse, avoidance of intercourse, and coldness can occur during encounters.

In addition, vaginal sagging can be caused by the weakening and loosening of the muscle tissues as a result of aging, insufficient nutrition of the muscles, as well as certain chronic diseases, and lack of physical activity. There might be many different causes for vaginal looseness. Patients, who have this appearance and lack of tightening, want to have vaginal tightening or vaginal narrowing surgery.

Congenital vaginal laxity can also cause this condition, which can manifest in women who have not given birth normally too. That is another reason for the looseness of vaginal tightening.


Vaginal Tightening and Vaginoplasty

Patients want to learn about the types of solutions for vaginal looseness. For Vaginal Tightening, or vaginal narrowing cosmetic gynecologists have different solutions. Effectiveness, and a better solution, It has to be considered. Those who, during activity, experience the sensation of a gap in the vagina keep patients in mind that they are not able to do like their old life. That pushes them to think adversely. The sagging of the vaginal inner tissue is a result of the enlargement of the vagina and insufficient contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. These can be a reason to have vaginal tightening operations. As a consequence of this, procedures known as Vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal tightening, are carried out in an operating room setting in order to either reshape this region so that it more closely resembles its previous appearance or reduce the number of complaints. By having this, the patient may finally have the desired solutions for vaginal tightening, and Vaginoplasty.


Vaginoplasty also known as Vaginal Tightening, or Vaginal Narrowing. It is determined which method of vaginal tightening,Vaginoplasty to use based on the results of the clinical examination as well as the patient's own preferences.

In light of the aforementioned complaints, this method is implemented in situations where there is a significant amount of vaginal looseness. Sutures are used to tighten the region between the vagina and the anal region in order to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor and provide support to the pelvis. This is the main way for vaginal tightening, Vaginoplasty. However, an incision is made in the inner layer of the vagina to remove any excess part of mucosa, and the remaining parts of the vagina are brought closer together so that the area is reduced in size. While this is being done, it is also made certain that the irregular episiotomy appears more aesthetically satisfied.

During the procedure, there will be no pain, and following it, there will be no pain either because local anesthesia will be applied to the affected area. The patient will be able to resume regular activities once she has rested for approximately a couple of hours following the procedure. Because the threads that were used are absorbable, there is no possibility that the stitches could be removed. After that vaginal tightening operation, everything that needs to be done and a positive outcome can be achieved at Vaginoplasty operation.

After this procedure, which can take around one hour, the patient is required to abstain from having intercourse for a defined period. It is important that the area not be infected and that it be kept dry while this process, of healing is being carried out. It is strongly suggested that the hygiene rules to be followed. It’s the crucial part of vaginal tightening, and Vaginoplasty surgery.. The patient and cosmetic gynecologist are both able to visually distinguish the change after vaginal tightening operation’s healing period is concluded well.



Labiaplasty is known as Aesthetic Surgery for Inner and Outer Lips. Labiaplasty is a surgically altering the shape and size of the inner and outer lips of the genital region. Labioplasty is popular as Vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening surgery among genital aesthetic operations as known as cosmetic gynecology operations or surgeries. The goal of Labiplasty procedure is to achieve the aesthetic results that the patient desires. Also Labiaplasty results in reducing the size of the inner lips.

When the inner lips in the female genital area are too far ahead of the outer lips, it can create problems, both in terms of appearance and in terms of hygiene. It also pushes patients to think that they lost their pure beauty and consequently losing self-confidence.  These problems can arise when the patient feels herself in an adverse way, or when she has an examination by cosmetic gynecologist.

Enlargement, asymmetry, sagging, or darkening of the inner lips can be a condition that begins during adolescence or can occur as a result of birth, aging, or weight loss. There are lots of reasons and results. Enlargement of the lips can also be caused by a genetic predisposition. This circumstance causes women to feel visually awkward and unhappy, which in turn leads to concerns about their appearance. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that can be performed for cosmetic reasons or to treat functional disorders.

Patients seek out Labiaplasty procedures in the majority of cases because they may think that the small lips are prone to irritation and friction, or because it makes activities such as cycling challenging for them. Labiaplasty surgery is able to correct the issue of drooping small lips underneath large lips, thereby eliminating the problem. Cosmetic gynecology operations have many solutions for types of these problems. Experienced cosmetic gynecologist MD. Kubra can find solutions and follow-up treatments can retrieve your self confidence. That’s why It’s better to keep annual examination to detect your any trouble with MD. Kubra in Dubai. Not only Labiaplasty cosmetic gynecology surgery, but the other operations and treatments are also very important to find a solution for the patients. After undergoing this genital aesthetic operation - Labiaplasty, the patient, who had been experiencing discomfort as a result of straining and pulling of the small lips, is now free from that pain, and trouble.

Studies have shown that patients are happy with the results of Labiaplasty procedures in Dubai with high rates. In Labiaplasty procedures, there is a possibility of bleeding, hematoma, and infection, just as there is with any other type of surgical procedure. Cosmetic gynecologist MD. Kubra gives all details before the cosmetic gynecology operation, Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, and others. After that patients are free to ask their questions to MD. Kubra easily. The period of cosmetic gynecology passes comfortably as long as the patient follows the requirements of the related surgery.


Do You Need Labiaplasty Surgery?

Let’s find the patient, who may need Labiapalsty. A painful and uncomfortable experience during intercourse caused by sagging inner lips. Experiencing pain and discomfort while participating in sports, particularly when riding a bicycle or horse, or while going about your daily routine. Having feelings of shame and loss of self-confidence, while also having the thought that their spouse will be negatively affected by it. The sensation of friction, itching, and pain that comes from wearing underwear and pants that are too tight may concern relating to the arts.

This is a cosmetic gynecology surgery, and very popular among aesthetic gynecology operations such as Vaginoplasty. The thing is that the patients may feel bad because of many different reasons. The examination of cosmetic gynecology can be helpful to define the exact decision for patients. MD. Kubra helps her patients to make decisions for cosmetic gynecology surgeries and the patients can find their solutions with her. Labiaplasty surgery is an important component in minimizing the risk of complications like these and regaining a more pleasing appearance.


G-Spot Shot, O Spot Shot

The G Spot Shot is an erectile tissue that can be found in the vagina is situated right next to the urethra. The area is known as intercourse activity and orgasm. The stimulation of this region gives women a powerful urge to achieve an orgasm. The first step in the basic technique is to apply hyaluronic acid to the G spot shot, filling.

It is to be conducted by an experienced cosmetic gynecologist. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that can survive for a long time and is well suited for use in the human body. Its life span is eight to ten months. Six months can be more effective for g spot shot. It differs between patients and MD. Kubra is one of the experienced cosmetic gynecologists, who can conduct G Spot Shot in Dubai. Patients generally want to learn the details of G Spot Shot and O Spot Shot together. O Spot Shot is another one among genital fillers.

During this filling procedure, there will not be any discomfort, pain, or bleeding. After the filling procedure, it is recommended to wait at least four hours before engaging in intercourse again. Following the completion of G Spot Shot, the patient will be able to participate in a wide variety of active pursuits. After receiving an injection – G Spot Shot as genital filler, there is no period of rest necessary. G Spot Shot is a highly effective procedure to be done. Also, genital fillers have to be done by an experienced cosmetic gynecologist because the filling may not take time, but the experience and skill are very important for those genital fillers, g spot shot, o spot shot. Some of the patients want to have O Spot Shot and G Spot Shot together. For further information, you can ask directly to MD. Kubra Altintas cosmetic gynecologist in Dubai, UAE.

Patients want to understand and consider about prices of G Spot Shot and O Spot Shot as genital fillers. It is very common and popular among women to repeat these fillers, but the first step is taking a decision. It is easy to ask all concerns about G Spot Shot, O Spot Shot, and cosmetic surgeries such as Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening, vaginal narrowing, and reduction of inner and outer lips to MD. Kubra Altintas Cosmetic Gynecologist by many ways. In Dubai, you can have an appointment and proceed to an examination for your bright future days with cosmetic gynecology operations.

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