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Genital Whitening Dubai

What is Genital Whitening?

Numerous variables affect the genital area's visual appeal. equality of color is one of them. The vagina may seem darker than usual as a result of contraceptive tablets, waxing, or anatomical factors. It has a uniform, light-colored, and brilliant look throughout the whole vagina. The dark hue of the vagina may make a woman uncomfortable during sexual activity and fearful of her partner. In order for a woman to feel self-confident, she must be at peace with every part of her body.

Intimate Bleaching

Today, vaginal bleaching is possible owing to a variety of painless techniques. Even with specific lotions, genital bleaching may be accomplished in around two weeks. In the Dubai genital bleaching procedure, our clinic applies laser and specialized creams. Contact our clinic and schedule an appointment with Ms. Kubra Zengin Altintas if you have any queries regarding vaginal bleaching and its pricing.

What Contributes to the Darkening of the Vagina?

Vaginal discoloration can develop for a variety of causes. This is a problem that many women may face at some time in their life.
Changes in hormones can cause darkening of the vagina. Color changes can be caused by fluctuating hormone levels, notably during puberty and pregnancy.
As birth control tablets alter the hormonal balance of the body, they can also cause darkening.

Prolonged sunbathing and exposure of the vaginal region to the sun also induce melanin cells to proliferate.
With increasing age, tissue deformations develop. Consequently, vaginal tissues may also undergo color changes.
Wax-based epilation can also induce vaginal discoloration. Since the vaginal region is a sensitive area, complaints of discoloration may also result from improper laser epilation treatments.

What is Vaginal Bleaching? Why does It Occur?

Vaginal bleaching is a technique that can be performed using a laser, radiofrequency, or specific external chemicals to make the vagina seem lighter and cleaner. It is crucial to many women that the outward aspect of the vagina be more aesthetically pleasing and appealing. Today, women are very cautious and vigilant in this aspect.
This enhances the need of vaginal bleaching. Some individuals may have a darker vagina owing to structural factors, while others may be affected by deformation. This hinders the lady from experiencing comfort during sexual activity. It may diminish self-esteem. Additionally, continuous waxing can dramatically exacerbate darkening. Whitening the vagina guarantees that the vagina's color is uniform and that the darkest portions seem lighter and smoother.

What are the Steps Involved in Vaginal Bleaching?

There are several clinics in Dubai that offer vaginal bleaching. Thanks to contemporary technology, there are a variety of genital bleaching methods available today. Vaginal bleaching is conducted using laser and specialized chemical peels at our Dubai clinic. The primary objective of these techniques is to provide a quick, comfortable, and painless vaginal whitening.

Vaginal Bleaching with Laser Laser It is used in the treatment of vaginal dryness, vaginal tightness, urinary incontinence, and genital aesthetics. The laser device's specialized beams increase the formation of collagen in the skin's tissues. Thus, the application of extreme heat activates the skin's regenerating cells. These cells break down the strong melanin pigments responsible for skin darkening and give skin lightening. The usefulness and dependability of lasers have been validated by global authority. It is finished in around 30 minutes. It is one of the most popular methods of vaginal whitening due to the fact that it is fully non-invasive, painless, and quick.

Vaginal Bleaching Through Chemical Peels

Despite the fact that many women are unhappy with the darkening of the vagina, they are unable to devote time to vaginal aesthetics owing to cost and time constraints. The chemical whitening of the vaginal area makes the laser operation more comfortable. The operation, which is performed in our clinic over the course of three sessions, begins to produce effects within two weeks. In this procedure, the substances administered to the patient are utilized for one month. It is also called Intimate whitening treatment and It is a vaginal bleaching process that yields permanent and effective effects with consistent use. You can find bleaching private areas before and after then you can understand the difference. 

Cost of Genital Bleaching in Dubai

Whitening of the genitalia is an increasingly popular surgery among women today. It is particularly great for working women, as the chemical technique is really pleasant. After vaginal bleaching, the patient feels better. During sexual activity, she might get closer to her lover. Prices for genital bleaching vary depending on the technique of application.
You can contact the clinic and MD. Kubra Zengin Altintas for additional information regarding Dubai genital whitening rates.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Does Intimate Whitening Work?

Intimate whitening is a cosmetic procedure that aims to rejuvenate and lighten skin that has become unattractive or discolored over time.
Non-surgical skin lightening can be achieved through the use of FOTONA®/FEMILIFT® lasers, growth factor solutions, and dermatologic creams for homecare. These methods have been proven to provide excellent cosmetic results. These treatments aim to repair damaged skin and eliminate darker areas. The process involves targeting pigmentation by removing the outer layers of the skin and promoting cell turnover. This procedure not only lightens the labia majora but also tightens it, while also providing skin resurfacing benefits.
We can use these treatments for intimate whitening either alone or in combination, depending on your skin type and level of hyperpigmentation.
How many sessions are required for intimate whitening?

The treatment is suitable for all skin types, and the number of sessions required may vary depending on the individual's skin type. Darker skin types may require more than three sessions.

How long does one session of intimate whitening and is it Painful?

To enhance your comfort, a lidocaine numbing lotion will be administered to the region before I start the procedure. The procedure may cause mild discomfort and can feel similar to the sensation of elastic bands on the skin. The duration of the treatment is approximately 20 minutes.
Can Intimate Whitening be Combined with Other Treatments?

This treatment can be combined with a vaginoplasty and the rejuvenation of big labia through the transfer of fat or hyaluronic fillers. Additionally, it is possible to combine it with the G-Spot and O-Spot shot techniques.

Should I have the labiaplasty procedure done before or after the intimate lightening treatment?

I advice to have labiaplasty first and after recovery period , I can start your intimate whitening treatments.

What is the recovery time?

After undergoing the intimate whitening treatment, you may find that your skin is irritated and flushed after the procedure. This will become less noticeable in the days that follow treatment.
After finishing therapy, it will not be difficult for you to resume your regular activities. This is a walk in and walk out procedure.
Do the results last permanently?

It should be considered the period. We do not guarantee lifetime results, but we do ensure long-term results. This can vary over time, particularly during pregnancy or menopause.

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