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O Spot Shot

O Spot Shot Dubai

Enhancement of the point; It is a genital aesthetic procedure for renewing the vaginal tissues and strengthening the areas that affect orgasm. The process of enlarging that point, also known as O Spot Shot, is done with the procedure we call PRP for short, with the reparative cells in the person's own blood. When these cells are injected into the targeted areas in the vagina, they renew the vagina, repair and revitalize the damaged cells. Thus, it helps to stimulate nerve cells more easily and increases the pleasure of private life. In the continuation of our article, you can find all you want to know about O-Spot enhancement, that is, O-Spot shot. For Dubai O Spot enhancement and prices, you can contact MD. Kubra Zengin Altintas.

What is O Spot Shot

O-Spot augmentation Dubai, which is often confused with G-Spot augmentation, is done to increase the pleasure a woman gets from sexuality and to make it easier for her to reach the feeling of satisfaction. Although the O and G spot augmentation processes are the same in purpose, they are different in method. The G region is not targeted in the O Spot enhancement process. It is usually applied to the vagina and clitoris area. It is aimed that the most stimulated areas during penetration are full, lively, and healthy. Thanks to the PRP treatment used in the O Spot enlargement process, it is also possible to renew and repair the vaginal tissues. This makes the O-point augmentation an ideal procedure, especially for pregnancy and postpartum.

What is PRP Treatment?

The main difference between O Spot enhancement from G spot enhancement is; procedure method. Hyaluronic acid fillers are used in the G-Spot augmentation process. O-Shot is made with the method we call PRP, that is, Platelet Rich Plasma. Today, PRP treatment is used in many areas from aesthetics to the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries. The purpose of the treatment; is to revitalize and repair tissues in different parts of the body with the help of reparative cells in one's own body.

What is the Procedure O Spot Shot in Dubai?

O spot enlargement is done by injection. It is not a surgical procedure. Therefore, our patients can return to their homes, work, and social lives on the same day. First of all, blood samples are taken from our patients to enlarge the point. The blood sample taken is concentrated in a sterile laboratory environment, in centrifuge devices. Thus, a blood plasma rich in reparative cells, namely platelets, is obtained. This plasma is injected into targeted areas in the vagina. It is applied directly to the vagina and clitoris areas.

Any Requirements for Dubai O-Spot Enhancement? In Which Situations?

O Spot augmentation is an ideal procedure for renewing, and revitalizing the postpartum sexual life after childbirth. However, it can be done to anyone who wants to enjoy their sexual life more and who feels that they are not sufficiently stimulated during private life. For the procedure, our patient must be over 18 years old. At the same time, the patient's history should be evaluated and it should be ensured that there is no discomfort that prevents the procedure of PRP. Benefits of O Spot Shots Dubai are written below;

  • Problems with orgasm can be reduced.

  • Vaginal dryness problems can be eliminated.

  • It can be used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases such as lichen sclerosis.

  • It can be ensured that the vaginal tissues that are shattered due to childbirth are strengthened and the vagina becomes more tightly wrapped around the penis.

Dubai O-Spot Shot Prices

It is a procedure that increases women's feelings and helps to make the vagina and clitoris area more sensitive. It is also very safe because it is made with blood cells taken from the person's own blood. After the procedure, the risk of adverse effects or allergies that will adversely affect sexual life is extremely low. It is possible to get more pleasure from private life when it is done by a reliable doctor and with the right methods. You can contact our clinic for more information about Dubai O Spot enlargement prices and other genital aesthetic procedures.

G-Spot Shot, O Spot Shot

The G spot or G Dot is an erectile tissue found between 1 and 4 millimeters deep in the vagina and immediately adjacent to the urethra. The region is known for sexual activity and orgasm. The stimulation of this region induces a strong desire for orgasm in women. Filling the G spot with hyaluronic acid is the first stage of the basic procedure.

It will be performed by a skilled cosmetic gynecologist. Hyaluronic acid is a chemical that has a long shelf life and is suitable for usage in the human body. It has an eight to ten-month lifespan. G spot shot may be more effective after six months. It varies across patients and MD. Kubra is one of the skilled cosmetic gynecologists in Dubai who can perform G Spot Shot. Patients prefer to learn about g spot shot and o spot shot together. O spot injection is yet another genital filler.

This filling treatment will not result in any discomfort, suffering, or bleeding. It is advisable to wait at least four hours after the filling operation before indulging in sexual activity again. After completing G Spot Shot, the patient will be able to engage in a variety of physical activities. After obtaining a G Spot Shot injection as genital filler, there is no need for rest. G Spot Shot is an extremely effective technique. Also, an expert cosmetic gynecologist must administer vaginal fillers, G Spot Shot and O Spot Shot, because the filling may not take long, but experience and skill are crucial for these fillers. Some patients desire to have O Spot Shot and G Spot Shot concurrently. MD. Kubra Altintas, a cosmetic gynecologist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, can provide additional information.

As genital fillers, patients wish to comprehend and weigh the costs of g spot injections and o spot shots. Repeating these fillers is widespread and popular among women, but the first step is to make a decision. It is simple to ask MD. Kubra Altintas Cosmetic Gynecologist about g spot shot, o spot shot, and cosmetic operations such as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening, vaginal constriction, and reduction of inner and outer lips. In Dubai, you can make an appointment and undergo an evaluation for cosmetic gynecological procedures to ensure a good future.

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