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This site has been prepared to inform people and does not provide health services. Information on the site should not be used in any way for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. The text and/or visual contents on the site do not have advertising purposes and are for preliminary information purposes. These visual and/or textual contents do not constitute a basis for any medical or home practice. Persons visiting this site are deemed to have read and accepted the issues in the legal warning text.


All responsibility arising from the use of the site content for diagnosis and treatment purposes belongs to the visitor, the user. Persons visiting this site are deemed to have accepted these warnings.


Medical information, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment used is changing rapidly. A knowledge, method or tool can be abandoned in a very short time. In addition, there may be different techniques, information and different applications to achieve the same result in medicine. In diagnosis and treatment, the doctor's personal experience and abilities are a determining factor. It is possible to have different views on the same subject. Since the information on the site cannot be updated every day, every information must be checked by the visitor in consultation with her doctor.


Labiaplasty.      Vaginoplasty.      Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

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