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G Spot Shot

G Spot Shot Dubai


G-Spot enhancement; It is done to make the G area, which is directly related to orgasm, fuller and to increase the stimulation in the area. Insufficient contact of the G-zone can prevent feeling satisfaction. At the same time, some women may prefer G-spot augmentation to enjoy sexual life more and reach orgasm more easily. G-spot enhancement is also commonly known as the “orgasm shot”.


Since it is an injection procedure, our patients can return to their daily lives in a short time. You can find more information about G-spot augmentation in the rest of our article. For G spot enhancement and prices, you can contact MD. Kubra Zengin Altintas.


What is G Spot?

First defined in the 1950s, the G spot plays a major role in female orgasm. Although the G-spot is thought of as a single point or hillock in the vagina, it actually refers to a region. In this region, capillaries, nerve cells, and glands are very dense. Therefore, it is very sensitive and its stimulation is strong.

Where Is the G Spot Located?

The G spot is located at the entrance to the vagina and is close to the urethra. The G spot, which is 3 – 4 cm ahead of the vaginal entrance, is more sensitive and sensitive than other tissues in the vagina. For this reason, it allows the woman to enjoy intense pleasure and reach orgasm during penetration. Since there are quite a lot of glands in the area, stimulating the area during sex helps the vagina to be slippery and wet.

What is Dubai G Spot Augmentation (Orgasm Vaccine)?

G spot augmentation, which is often called orgasm vaccine, is a genital aesthetic procedure made to increase the pleasure that women get from sexuality and to make it easier to reach orgasm. Our aim with the G spot augmentation process; It is to make this region fuller and more sensitive, which directly affects orgasm. One of the biggest advantages is that it is done without surgery, only by injection. Therefore, our patients can continue their home, work and social lives on the same day.

Is Dubai G Spot Shot Suitable For Everyone?

G spot augmentation is suitable for our patients who feel that they are not sufficiently stimulated during sexuality and want to get more pleasure from sexuality. The procedıre of G Spot Shot can be applied to all our patients over the age of 18 who do not have a disease that prevents injection. At the same time, it gives very successful results in people who have anorgasmia, that is, the inability to orgasm.

How is Dubai G Spot Enlargement Performed?

G spot augmentation is an injection procedure. No surgical incisions are made in the genital area. Therefore, it is completed in as little as 30 minutes. During the injection, intense, unbearable pain is usually not felt. However, those with a low pain threshold. Anesthetic creams can be used in patients who are concerned. Thus, the procedure can be completed comfortably without any pain or suffering complaints.

Which Fillers are used in Dubai G Spot Augmentation?

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid or fat can be used according to the expectations and needs of the person. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in the skin's own structure and adds volume to the tissues. It is compatible with the skin and has a very low risk of causing an allergic reaction. In fat filling, cells taken from the fatty areas of the person's body are used. The permanence period of the fat filling is longer than the fillers containing hyaluronic acid. For this reason, it can be preferred in patients who have sufficient fat in their body and expect more permanent results. The lasting time of hyaluronic acid fillers may vary according to the skin structure. However, we can say that the average is 6 months.

What Should Be Considered After G-Spot Augmentation? 

Dubai G spot augmentation is not a procedure that interferes with the daily life of the patient and requires long recovery times. Our patients can return to their social lives immediately after the procedıre. Unlike many genital aesthetic procedures, there is no need for sexual intercourse restriction after G spot augmentation. It is possible to be sexually active even on the day of the injection.

Dubai G Spot Enlargement Cost

G spot augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that is increasingly preferred in Dubai today, allowing women to enjoy sexuality more. For this reason, their prices are also very curious. The filling material used in G spot augmentation may cause prices to change. You can contact MD. Kubra Zengin Altintas for more information about G spot enlargement and prices.

G-Spot Shot, O Spot Shot

The G spot or G Dot is an erectile tissue that can be found in the vagina between 1 and 4 centimeters deep and is situated right next to the urethra. The area is known as intercourse activity and orgasm. The stimulation of this region gives women a powerful urge to achieve an orgasm. The first step in the basic technique is to apply hyaluronic acid to the G Spot Shot, filling.

It is to be conducted by an experienced cosmetic gynecologist. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that can survive for a long time and is well suited for use in the human body. Its life span is eight to ten months. Six months can be more effective for g spot shot. It differs between patients and MD. Kubra is one of the experienced cosmetic gynecologists, who can conduct G Spot Shot in Dubai. Patients generally want to learn the details of G Spot Shot and O Spot Shot together. O spot shot is another one among genital fillers.

During this filling procedure, there will not be any discomfort, pain, or bleeding. After the filling procedure, it is recommended to wait at least four hours before engaging in intercourse again. Following the completion of g spot shot, the patient will be able to participate in a wide variety of active pursuits. After receiving an injection – G Spot Shot as genital filler, there is no period of rest necessary. G Spot Shot is a highly effective procedure to be done. Also, genital fillers have to be done by an experienced cosmetic gynecologist because the filling may not take time, but the experience and skill are very important for those genital fillers, g spot shot, o spot shot. Some of the patients want to have O Spot Shot and G Spot Shot together. For further information, you can ask directly to MD. Kubra Altintas cosmetic gynecologist in Dubai, UAE.

Patients want to understand and consider about prices of g spot shots and o spot shots as genital fillers. It is very common and popular among women to repeat these fillers, but the first step is making a decision. It is easy to ask all concerns about G Spot Shot, O Spot Shot, and cosmetic surgeries such as Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening, vaginal narrowing, and reduction of inner and outer lips to MD. Kubra Altintas Cosmetic Gynecologist in many ways. In Dubai, you can have an appointment and proceed to examination for your bright future days with cosmetic gynecology operations.

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