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Labiaplasty Dubai

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery generally applied to the inner lips. The labia minor, that is, the inner lips, may drop over time and overflow onto the labia major (outer lip). The inner labia being larger than the outer labia may also be congenital. Normal appearance of the vagina; such that the outer lips cover the inner lips. 

What is Labia?

The labia are skin folds surrounding the vaginal opening. The labia majora, also known as the outer lips, often have a plump appearance and are adorned with pubic hair. The labia minora are located internally within the outer lips. The structure starts at the clitoris and extends to the vaginal entrance.

Labia may be smooth or furrowed, brief or extensive. One mandible is frequently longer than the other. Additionally, their hues range from pink to brownish-black. Changing labia pigmentation is a possibility with advancing age. Many individuals have larger inner lips than exterior lips, while some have larger outer lips than inner lips. Labia minora and labia majora are important to understand before we start to give details about labiaplasty operation. Both labia majora and labia minora parts are part of the private area. 

Also, labia majora are the equivalent of the scrotum in males, forming two broad skin folds located beside the labia minora. They are composed of adipose and fibrous tissue. The labia majora have many hair follicles and various types of glands, including apocrine, eccrine, and sebaceous glands. The labia majora are two prominent, elongated skin folds consisting of fat and fibrous tissue.

The labia minora are smaller exterior flaps located inside the labia majora, serving to shield the clitoris, urethra, and vaginal entrance. The labia minora, sometimes known as the little lips, can vary in size from very small to up to 2 inches broad. The labia minora are located internally to the labia majora and encircle the entrances to the vagina and urethra. Pigmentation of the labia begins at puberty and decreases on the inner side of the labia minora where only a thin layer of keratin is found. The labia minora's pink tint is due to a plentiful network of blood vessels. Sexual arousal causes the blood vessels of the labia minora to fill with blood, leading to swelling and increased sensitivity to stimulation.

The mons is the prominent mass of flesh located above the vulva. Following puberty, it becomes covered with pubic hair. It provides padding for your pubic bone. This part is Mons Pubis which stands outside of the area. 

Labiaplasty Benefits

Labiaplasty is a procedure that is generally performed for aesthetic purposes. The priority in the surgery is to correct the defective appearance caused by the inner lips closing the outer lips. Although it may seem simple, this appearance may be a reason for some women to avoid sexual intercourse. 

The sagging parts from clothes to a degree that can be seen; may cause the problem to be carried over to daily life. Labiaplasty improves self-confidence by simply and painlessly correcting the imperfect appearance. Apart from this, labiaplasty surgery can also be performed for medical reasons. 

Conditions that adversely affect the health of the person and require labiaplasty:

  • Recurrent vaginal and urinary infections due to hypertrophy (overgrowth) of the inner lips

  • Prolapse causing painful intercourse (dyspareunia)

  • Restriction of movements due to the shape and size of the inner lip is a medical necessity that requires labiaplasty surgery.​

Who Can Have Labiaplasty Surgery?

Labiaplasty can be done due to aesthetic concerns or medical necessity. Labiaplasty aesthetics can be performed on every woman over the age of 18, regardless of whether she is married or single, whether she has given birth or not. Before the operation, specialist gynecologists conduct the necessary examinations and evaluations. If the person does not have any health problems that prevent the surgical procedure, it can be operated on.

Labiaplasty surgery is performed only by specialist gynecologists in clinics or in a hospital setting. MD. Kubra Altintas helps patients of different age groups who want to have labiaplasty surgery in Dubai, complete this process painlessly in a hygienic environment.

Remain Any Suture Scars after Labiaplasty?

After the labiaplasty procedure performed by a specialist gynecologist, there is no suture scar and it is not understood that the operation was performed. As long as labiaplasty surgery is performed under sterile conditions, the risk of infection is very low.

Before and After Labiaplasty Surgery

  • Before & after Labiaplasty, patients frequently inquire about the procedure's specifics and prerequisites.

  • Not only can the operation improve the patient's visage in terms of her surgical foundation, but she can also experience enhanced self-esteem in her intimate relationships and day-to-day activities as a result of the altered structure.

  • No bleeding is seen. A small leak can be seen on the suture line. For this reason, it is recommended to use pads for 3-4 days after surgery.

  • Swelling or redness may be seen in the vulva due to edema. If the swelling is excessive, the sensitive area can be relieved with cold compresses.

  • The stitches in the area melt and disappear in a short time.

  • The person can return to work and the operated area will heal completely within 30 days. It's been asked Labiaplasty after 6 weeks or 4 weeks, but the healing period is around 30 days in general.

  • For this reason, inquiries pertaining to the period before and after labiaplasty can be rendered unnecessary.

  • If you have any further inquiries regarding Labiplasty, please feel free to contact Aesthetic Gynecologist Kubra Altintas.

After Labiaplasty

  • After having Labiaplasty, your doctor will share the details with you.

  • Also, you can find some details regarding after labiaplasty.

  • The patient is given antibiotics and pain relievers.

  • It is recommended to avoid activities that force the operated area such as yoga, sports, horse riding, and exercise for about a month.

  • Genital area cleaning should be done from front to back to avoid the risk of infection.

  • It is necessary to avoid public areas such as pools and baths and to take a standing shower.

  • After labiaplasty, the patient is expected to comply with the one-month prohibition of sexual intercourse.

  • Procedures such as epilation and waxing should be postponed until healing occurs.

  • You can check these details to have better healing period after having labiaplasty.

Is Labiaplasty Permanent Procedure?

It is very unlikely that sagging will occur again after the Labiplasty Surgery. You can complete this process in a sterile and safe manner in the clinic with Aesthetic Gynecologist Kubra Altintas, who makes a difference with her expertise in Labiaplasty. Labial rejuvenation as labial fillers is another concern of this procedure. You can ask your questions regarding labia majora, labia minora, and labial rejuvenation in Dubai directly to Dr. Kubra Altintas. Labial parts are critical to understanding that procedure and you can turn back the page and read what is labia minora, what is labia majora, and what is labial rejuvenation again. 

Labiaplasty Dubai Cost?

Labiaplasty is one of the popular procedures in cosmetic gynecology. It is crucial to have consulted first as the other cosmetic gynecology procedures in Dubai. There are some requirements to be done after the procedure and the patient has to follow each of them. 

Labiaplasty Dubai cost vary the doctor's experience, clinics, and even city to city. The patients who want to have this procedure can have a consultation with Dr. Kubra Altintas Labiaplasty in Dubai. 

You can also give a call to have an appointment to proceed your labiaplasty operation and understand what are the necessary lines before and after labiaplasty and labiplasty cost Dubai. 

Labiaplasty – Aesthetic Surgery for Inner and Outer Lips

Labiaplasty is the surgical alteration of the form and size of the inner and outer genital lips. Labioplasty is as prevalent as vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening surgery) among genital aesthetic procedures or surgeries, sometimes known as cosmetic gynecology procedures or surgeries. The objective of labiplasty is to obtain the cosmetic results desired by the patient. Additionally, labiaplasty reduces the size of the inner lips.

When the inner lips in the female vaginal region are too far in front of the outer lips, it can cause aesthetic and hygienic issues. It also induces patients to believe they have lost their natural beauty and, subsequently, their confidence. These issues can develop when the patient perceives herself negatively or undergoes a cosmetic gynecological evaluation.

Enlargement, asymmetry, sagging, or darkening of the inner lips can be a condition that begins during adolescence or can occur as a result of birth, aging, or weight loss. There are lots of reasons and results. Enlargement of the lips can also be caused by a genetic predisposition. This circumstance causes women to feel visually awkward and unhappy, which in turn leads to concerns about their appearance. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that can be performed for cosmetic reasons or to treat functional disorders. For this part, if you have any doubts about what is labia majora, what is labia minora, and what parts of private area, better to read from the top of the page. Labial Filler, labia majora rejuvenation, and labia minora parts of the labiaplasty procedure are critical to understand. 

Patients seek out labiaplasty procedures in the majority of cases because they may think that the small lips are prone to irritation and friction, or because it makes activities such as cycling challenging for them. Labiaplasty surgery can correct the issue of drooping small lips underneath large lips, thereby eliminating the problem. Cosmetic gynecology operations have many solutions for types of these problems. Experienced cosmetic gynecologist MD. Kubra can find solutions and follow-up treatments can retrieve your self-confidence. That’s why It’s better to keep an annual examination to detect any trouble with MD. Kubra in Dubai. Not only Labiaplasty cosmetic gynecology surgery but other operations and treatments are also very important to find a solution for the patients. After undergoing this genital aesthetic operation - Labiaplasty, the patient, who had been experiencing discomfort as a result of straining and pulling of the small lips, is now free from that pain, and trouble. 

Studies have shown that patients are happy with the results of labiaplasty procedures in Dubai with high rates. In labiaplasty procedures, there is a possibility of bleeding, hematoma, and infection, just as there is with any other type of surgical procedure. Cosmetic Gynecologist Doctor Kubra gives all details before the cosmetic gynecology operation, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, and others. After that patients are free to ask their questions to Gynecologist Doctor Kubra easily. The period of cosmetic gynecology passes comfortably as long as the patient follows the requirements of the related surgery.

Do You Need Labiaplasty Surgery?

Let's figure out who might need a labiaplasty. A painful and unpleasant experience during sexual activity is caused by inner lips that hang down. Having pain and discomfort when playing sports, especially when riding a bike or horse, or going about your daily activities. Also, It always pushes you to think about what you have. Having feelings of shame and loss of self-confidence, while also having the thought that their spouse will be negatively affected by it. The sensation of friction, itching, and pain that comes from wearing underwear and pants that are too tight may concern relating to the arts.

This is a cosmetic gynecological procedure and one of the most common aesthetic gynecology procedures, such as vaginoplasty. The issue is that patients may feel poorly for a variety of reasons. The examination of cosmetic gynecology can aid patients in determining the best course of action. MD. Kubra assists her patients in making judgments on aesthetic gynecological procedures, and her patients can discover answers with her. Labiaplasty surgery is an important component in minimizing the risk of complications like these and regaining a more pleasing appearance.

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