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Cosmetic gynecology Dubai

Cosmetic Gynecology is a procedure that is usually performed to prevent postpartum stretching and skin sagging in women.

Women want to look flawless at all times of their lives. In this case, they often feel very bad and sometimes experience some psychological problems due to vaginal sagging and other problems that occur after birth. Vaginal Aesthetic Procedures such as vaginal  tightening, outer and inner lips reduction, G spot augmentation are among the operations performed under the name of Genital Aesthetics. Episiotomy treatment performed under the title of genital aesthetics is the process of repairing suture and incision scars that occur after difficult births.

In addition, small incisions during birth, called episiotomy, cause deterioration of the image. In fact, these incisions make women uncomfortable after childbirth.

In order to prevent these problems that may occur, Labioplasty and clitoroplasty and other non-surgical applications are the leading ones. 


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Genital Fillers O Spot Shot G Spot Shot Dubai

O spot shot it is a genital aesthetic procedure for renewing the vaginal tissues that affect orgasm. The process of enlarging that point is done with the application we call Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP for short, with the reparative cells in the person's own blood. It helps to stimulate nerve cells more easily and increases the feel.

G-spot shot Dubai; It is done to make the G area, which is directly related to orgasm, fuller and to increase the stimulation in the area. Insufficient contact of the G-zone with the partner's side can prevent sense satisfaction. At the same time, some women may prefer G-spot augmentation to enjoy personal life more and reach the top more easily.

For Dubai G spot and O spot enlargement and prices, you can contact Md. Kubra Zengin Altıntas.

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Menopause counseling dubai

Menopause treatment Dubai is an inevitable period for every woman, it can negatively affect daily life and is a difficult process. 

Taking precautions for a trouble-free menopause period should start from an early age.

It is possible to prevent the increase of distress in menopause.

What nature wishes for is that the ovaries, whose female hormones begin to decrease long before menopause, take over this task, albeit partially, by the adrenal glands, and this transition period is as smooth and problem-free as possible for the woman. 

For this to happen, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone hormones to be produced by the adrenal glands are needed.

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vaginoplasty surgery Dubai

Vaginoplasty is the process of tightening the vaginal area. In fact, this operation is a reconstructive procedure and is applied to women who complain about the width of the vagina. This enlargement, especially in women who have given birth consecutively, affects personal life in a very negative way for both men and women. 


After the operation, personal life will be regulated and other observed problems will end. In the services we provide for Vaginoplasty Dubai, we aim to carry out a healthy treatment process with our specialist doctor and get rid of your complaints. 


For Vaginoplasty Dubai prices, you can come to our center and get all the necessary information from our physicians. Because this operation is personal. For this reason, you will learn the most accurate price information as a result of the examination.

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labiaplasty surgery Dubai

Recently, operations such as rhinoplasty and lip operations have been performed quite frequently. Apart from this, women are also very warmly attracted to external genital area aesthetics and are disturbed by some deformities. The most common deformity is the inner lip reduction surgery called Labiaplasty. 


This operation, which will be performed when the inner lips begin to protrude from the outer lips, not only improves the physical appearance but also improves the psychology of women. Inner lip sagging causes severe pain and problems such as a bad appearance when wearing tight clothes and swimsuits. 


Women who want to get rid of them apply to our center in Dubai to get the most excellent service in Labiaplasty Dubai. Our patients who come to the Labiaplasty Dubai surgery receive information about general vaginal aesthetics.

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women health Dubai

The gynecologist deals with all gynecological and obstetric problems such as normal and high-risk pregnancy follow-up, uterine myoma, birth, menstrual irregularity, ovarian cyst, infertility, menopause and hormonal disorders. 

In addition to these, issues such as urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse and family planning are also included in the scope of gynecological diseases. 

The best gynecologist in Dubai, the best gynecologist in Dubai, Dubai obstetrician advice, Dubai gynecologist advice are among the subjects that patients wonder about.

It is very important for the obstetrician to make her patient feel that she is always with her because especially pregnancy follow-up and delivery require very serious experience and dedication.

For this reason, the best answer to questions such as Dubai obstetrician's advice, Dubai gynecologist advice will be the reference of other patients.

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Vaginismus problem and solution Dubai

Vaginismus; It is the feeling of severe pain due to the contraction of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina and making it impossible to have achieved intimate relationships between couples. This situation is not directly related to personal desire. In the case of vaginismus, the woman cannot prevent contractions even if she wants to proceed. 

This problem, which causes separation and arguments between couples, can happen to many women. Vaginismus, which can be seen in two out of every hundred women on average, is one of the most common problems experienced by women. Social life, beliefs, individual history of the person, and some physical disorders can be effective in the development of vaginismus, which is more common in Eastern and Far Eastern societies than in the West. 

Md. Kubra Zengin Altintas, one of the most preferred names in the treatment of vaginismus in Dubai, provides comprehensive examination services related to vaginismus treatment in Dubai.

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Genital Bleaching Dubai MD.Kubra

The aesthetic appearance of the genital area depends on many factors. Color equality is one of them. The vagina may be darker than normal due to birth control pills, waxing, or structural reasons. Ideal appearance; It is an equal, light-colored, and bright appearance in every part of the vagina. The dark color of the vagina may cause the woman to feel uncomfortable and to be afraid of her partner. It should not be forgotten that in order for a woman to be self-confident, she must be at peace with every part of her body. Today, vagina whitening can be done with many comfortable methods.

In Dubai Genital Bleaching process, our clinic uses Er: Yaq Laser and special chemical peel and mesotherapy applications. You can contact our clinic for all your questions about vagina whitening and its prices; 

You can make an appointment with Md. Kubra Zengin Altıntas.

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MD.Kubra HRT Specialist

The best approach to cure the signs of perimenopause and menopause is to put back the hormones that are produced insufficiently.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is frequently choosed to cure option for menopausal symptoms including vaginal dryness and hot flushes.

For optimum results, hormone therapy should be designed individually for each woman and re-assessed every 3-6 months to be sure benefits overbalance the risks.

You can contact our clinic for all questions about

Hormone Replacement Therapy.


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