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Vaginismus treatment

Vaginismus Treatment 

Vaginismus is the feeling of severe pain during intercourse due to the contraction of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina and making it impossible to have private life. This situation is not directly related to sexual desire. In the case of vaginismus, the woman cannot prevent contractions even if she wants to go further. This problem, which causes separation and arguments between couples, can happen to many women. Vaginismus, which can be seen in two out of every hundred women on average, is one of the most common relationship problems experienced by women.

Social life, beliefs, individual history of the person, and some physical disorders can be effective in the development of vaginismus, which is more common in Eastern and Far Eastern societies than in the West. Although there are cases where it is caused by physical problems, vaginismus is 90% psychologically based. For this reason, the guidance of specialist doctors during the treatment process is very important. MD. Kubra Zengin Altintas, one of the most preferred names in Dubai vaginismus treatment, provides comprehensive examination services related to vaginismus treatment Dubai in the clinic.

What are the Causes of Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a disorder that is usually caused by psychological reasons. It may not be determined exactly which psychological reason lies at the root of the disorder. Because the disease can occur from a combination of many psychological factors. Common causes of vaginismus:

  • Fear of feeling pain during first intercourse

  • Severe pain or bleeding at first intercourse

  • The person has a history of abuse or abuse

  • Other factors that affected the patient

Fear of feeling inadequate and unsuccessful. Especially in women who are not satisfied with their appearance, the feeling of inadequacy may be more. This stress and pressure can trigger vaginismus. In addition, although it is a low probability, some physical anomalies that cause the woman to feel pain during sexual intercourse can also cause the person to associate sexual intercourse and pain; therefore, it can cause vaginismus.

Is There a Treatment for Vaginismus in Dubai?

Vaginismus is 100% curable with correct diagnosis and treatment. Women often do not realize the fear and pressure they feel until they enter into a relationship. Contractions can occur only in the muscles at the entrance of the vagina, or in the form of locking the legs or the whole body.


Women who have had previous sexual experiences may also face vaginismus because of their negative experiences or painful sexual intercourse. In either case, vaginismus can be treated and the person can have a healthy private life. In cases where vaginismus is not treated, it can lead to communication breakdown and arguments between spouses.

How is Vaginismus Treated?

Vaginismus treatment Dubai cooperates with different disciplines and it is aimed to understand the causes of the problem. The patient first undergoes a comprehensive gynecological examination.


When it is sure that there is no physical problem causing vaginismus, the treatment process begins with the guidance of psychologists and psychiatrists. Md.Kubra Zengin Altintas, one of the most reliable names in Dubai vaginismus treatment, is with you with her experience in the vaginismus diagnosis process. Like many women who prefer our clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of vaginismus, you can contact us with your questions and you can overcome this problem experienced by many women with the right treatment process.

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