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What is Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery?

Among the vaginal aesthetic operations, vaginal aesthetics or cosmetic gynecology is performed in our private center based in Dubai, and you are offered a healthy life. Of course, when Vaginal aesthetic Dubai is mentioned, the operations will appear under multiple sub-titles. Even if the root of the problem is the same, the region and its procedures will differ. There are many types of operations in order to eliminate the disorders that occur due to the vaginal structure of women or the effects that will occur after childbirth.


Vaginal aesthetics or cosmetic gynecology In our center located in Dubai Emirate, procedures such as vaginal tightening, reconstruction, outer and inner lip reduction, G spot augmentation is among the operations performed under the name of vaginal aesthetics. Episiotomy treatment, which is performed under the title of vaginal aesthetics, is the process of repairing the suture and incision scars that occur after difficult births. Since scars formed after births that are especially difficult and create traumatic effects will cause psychological disorders in women, this practice is frequently applied to eliminate mental problems as well as physiological effects.


Of course, you may have undergone the operations we have mentioned before, and accordingly, your body may have caused undesirable situations with different reactions. Or you may not have achieved the desired result with the wrong intervention. Since these problems will cause painful as well as a bad appearance, we also serve you in our vaginal aesthetic Dubai center to eliminate them.

Dubai Vaginal Aesthetic

Vaginal aesthetic costs It will never be right to come to a definite conclusion and give a direct price for Dubai. Because, as we mentioned above, operations are performed by dividing the head into branches with many procedures under the name of Vaginal aesthetics. For vaginal aesthetic prices, also known as vaginal aesthetic prices, you should definitely have a comprehensive examination.


If you will perform this operation in our center, first of all,  MD. Kubra will go through a wide examination process and the procedure of vaginal aesthetics will be decided in accordance with your complaint. Of course, when this is the case, you will get the most comprehensive information about the prices of vaginal aesthetics from your specialist doctor and decide on the treatment process.

Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty?

Recently, operations such as rhinoplasty and lip operations have been performed quite frequently. Apart from this, women are also very warm to the external vaginal area aesthetics and are disturbed by some deformities. The most common deformity is the inner lip reduction surgery called labiaplasty. This operation, which will be performed when the inner lips begin to protrude from the outer lips, not only improves the physical appearance, but also improves the psychology of women.


If you ask what kind of situations sagging inner lip causes, it causes problems such as severe pain during private life, tight clothes, and a bad appearance when wearing swimsuits. Women who want to get rid of these apply to our center in Dubai for labiaplasty to get the most perfect service in Dubai . MD.Kubra, who carefully listens to the complaints for the treatment process, will not leave the patients alone during the process. Our patients coming from all other cities for Labiaplasty Dubai surgery receive in-depth information about general vaginal aesthetics.

Vaginoplasty is the name given to the process of tightening the vaginal area. In fact, this operation is a reconstructive procedure and is applied to women who complain about the width of the vagina. This enlargement, especially in women who have given birth consecutively, affects private life in a very negative way for both men and women. After the operation, private life will be regulated and other observed problems will come to an end. In the services we provide for Vaginoplasty Dubai, we aim to carry out a healthy treatment process together with MD. Kubra and get rid of your complaints.


For vaginoplasty Dubai prices, you will be able to come to our center and get all the necessary information from MD. Kubra. Because in some cases, more than one operation can be applied on the vagina. For this reason, you will learn the most accurate price information as a result of the examination.

How is Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty Surgery done?

Labiaplasty surgery is performed in the presence of general or local anesthesia in our center serving in Dubai. After this operation, which lasts about 40 minutes, there is no problem of removing stitches, as the stitches that dissolve on their own are removed. Labiaplasty surgery does not adversely affect private life in any way, does not prevent orgasm and conception.


After this operation, where you will not encounter any problems in giving birth, you will not feel burning while urinating. In the procedure, which takes about an hour, the vagina is narrowed and stitched. If your doctor deems it appropriate, you can have private life without any problems at the check-up 6 weeks after the operation. People can return to their daily lives directly after the surgery.

Where is Vaginal Aesthetic Treatment Performed in Dubai?


Vaginal aesthetics are performed at many clinics in Dubai. Doctors who are experts in their field help patients for vaginal aesthetics, while doctors serve in private clinics or hospitals. We also serve you in a systematic working environment with our team, we work with in our center. As a result of the services we provide for vaginoplasty, labiaplasty and other conditions under the name of vaginal aesthetics, we meticulously carry out the treatment process to get rid of your problems. As a result, our center in Dubai has achieved successful results in vaginal aesthetics, and if you want, you can get the chance to learn from our past references.


Dubai Vaginal Aesthetic Prices

It is a procedure that is related to women health and self confidence directly. One of popular searching words is Vaginal Aesthetic Dubai in recent years. Cosmetic gynecology has different procedures. It's not only an aesthetic operation, but one of unique touches of modern times woman's self-healthy necessaries. After having very busy days, women need to rejuvenate themselves in different ways. Vaginoplasty Dubai is one of them. The price of Vaginoplasty Dubai is one asked question to between women.


The price depends on the patient's condition and the first consultancy done by a medical doctor. The first step is to define what the patient needs and wants. Choosing a procedure relies on the medical doctor's opinion and the patient's daily life routine and desire.  MD. Kubra Zengin Altintas has her own experience to do this procedure in Vaginal Aesthetic Dubai. The patient who wants to have this procedure, shall come to the clinic and have consulted with MD. Kubra Zengin Altintas about Vaginal Aesthetics

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